Bonjour! I am a stay-at-home mom living in the USA with my husband and two kids. I used to be a software engineer in India. But when I had my first kid and we moved to the States soon after, I chose to become a stay-at-home mom.

I spent a lot of time watching vlogs on YouTube. A vlogger I used to follow once posted a video of an infinity scarf that she made and I was intrigued.

So I took to YouTube and luckily came across a YouTuber who made knitting tutorials for absolute beginners. That was how I made my very first neon pink garter scarf  and it gave me an immense sense of satisfaction that I cannot explain in words.

When I do something creative, I feel a great sense of accomplishment and it makes my day. When I feel down and unmotivated, knitting gives me something to look forward to. And that’s how I began making scarves, hats, baby blankets, and even test knitted once and made a shawl!

I’m more of a process knitter, the whole process of knitting and watching a video on Netflix or Youtube makes me very happy. I dream about having my own Etsy shop someday where I can sell my hand made creations for all to enjoy.

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